Kristin’s Phoenix Real Estate Update – December 2011

Your Phoenix real estate update for Dec 2011…we are seeing continuing signs of true recovery, a different take on the stages of recovery, and a little grace from Fannie and Freddie

Phoenix Real Estate Market Trends – October 2011

Market trends and insights for the Phoenix Real Estate – October 2011. How the supply of short sales and foreclosures is affecting prices.

Phoenix Real Estate Market – Flat as a Pancake

Phoenix Real Estate - Flat as a Pancake

As fall begins here in the Phoenix Metro area, the real estate remains as flat as a pancake for the year. Prices are stable, sales are strong and distressed properties are taking up less of the market share. For buyers, you still have your work cut out for you as there is not enough inventory […]

When real estate gets tough what works better? Love or Jack?

The real estate market can be really tough right now. Buyers, sellers, investors, lenders or real estate agents, we are all having our challenges these days in the Phoenix East Valley market. Real estate is a team sport, but you don’t get to chose the team, the team chooses you. Listing agents, buyer agents, sellers, […]

Where did the Phoenix and Gilbert area homes go?

Looking to buy a house in the Gilbert or Phoenix East Valley area right now? Prices are low and interest rates are lower, and it seems like there are tons of houses available – scratch that last part! The inventory of homes on the market is dwindling…don’t believe? Just try to find the “typical” house […]

Dentist and short sales

An upcoming dentist appointment reminds me why you shouldn’t put off dentist appointments – or short sales – because you are afraid. One thing about both bad teeth and underwater homes – they don’t get better until you do something about them.  

Midnight loan modifications just dont work

  A call at midnight alerted me to the notorious “Kristin Loan Modification Scam” – uh, wrong Kristin, here. In my opinion, loan mods are a total rip-off… It is kind of ironic to use Kristin’s name to push loan modification scams because Kristin has a long history of calling loan mods what they are, a total […]

Phoenix and East Valley real estate Deal of the Century!

There was a good video we did for the site yesterday on Phoenix housing market myths. Some of those myths lead to buyers looking for things that they percieve to be true like the ability to steal a house for pennies on the dollar. It is amazing how many times we sit down with Gilbert […]

Phoenix and East Valley Market Update

It is summer in Phoenix and the only thing hotter than the weather here is the housing market. Right now there are 29,920 homes for sale in the metro Phoenix and East Valley area MLS. This includes short sales which already have contracts in with the banks being negotiated. If you look at just the […]

Is Gilbert better than Chandler?

Is Gilbert Arizona better than Chandler Arizona? East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway gets ready to make the case why she thinks Gilbert is better than Chandler. As many of you know the two founding partners for the East Valley Team are Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette. Kristin lives in Gilbert Arizona and Dean lives […]