Can I switch real estate agents after I find a house I like?

Can I switch real estate agents?

Today Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette of the East Valley Team talk about why you may not be able to switch real estate agents.

Sometimes after working with a buyer’s agent you realize that you are not working with the right agent. Can you swtich? Well that depends on the situation. Do you have a Buyer Broker Agreement? Have you already found the house you want? Did the agent show you houses you are considering putting an offer in on?

If the answer is yes to any of those you may be stuck working with the real estate agent you have been working with.

With procuring cause the agent who is the one responsible for you buying that house is the one you are required to work with. And in real estate, that does not necessarily mean the one who wrote the contract, but the one who let you know the house was for sale.

If you are working with an agent for a while and they show you a house that you want to write an offer on and something happens before the offer is submitted that makes you uncomfortable with the agent the best thing to do is ask for a meeting with the agents Broker. When you speak to the broker let them know your concern and often times the Broker will set you up with another agent from the office and work out a deal between the agents.

As you will see by this video Dean has an issue with the current system. Dean believes the system overly protects incompetent agents. There does need to be some form of protection where you don’t use one agent to show you a dozen houses then turn to your brother who is a part-time agent to write the offer, but at the same time if you feel uncomfortable with an agent because of their competency level of their ethics, it should be easier for consumers to change agents.

Thanks to Sasha Lopez (Slo), for the comedy relief.

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