Real world example of why dual agency should be illegal in every state

Dual agency is legal in Arizona, but not all states. I have long said dual agency should be illegal everywhere. I challenge anyone who supports the dual agency concept to tell me how they would have handled this. You represent buyer and seller on a short sale. Buyer clearly believes that the seller should be paying to have […]

When real estate gets tough what works better? Love or Jack?

The real estate market can be really tough right now. Buyers, sellers, investors, lenders or real estate agents, we are all having our challenges these days in the Phoenix East Valley market. Real estate is a team sport, but you don’t get to chose the team, the team chooses you. Listing agents, buyer agents, sellers, […]

The magical USDA loan in Arizona

Thanks to the magic of the USDA Home Loan you can buy a home in Arizona with no money! The qualifications are similar to the FHA Loan, but an FHA Loan has 3.5% down requirement from the buyer where a USDA Loan has no money down. Just because you don’t need a downpayment does not […]

Midnight loan modifications just dont work

  A call at midnight alerted me to the notorious “Kristin Loan Modification Scam” – uh, wrong Kristin, here. In my opinion, loan mods are a total rip-off… It is kind of ironic to use Kristin’s name to push loan modification scams because Kristin has a long history of calling loan mods what they are, a total […]

In search of the smokin’ deal

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how East Valley buyers need to be realistic on their offers. We get a lot of off-the-wall questions about Phoenix real estate…like this one. Buyers are still surprised when sellers don’t kneel down in gratitude when an offer – especially a CASH offer – is made. Buyers […]

East Valley short sale basic training

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how East Valley short sale buyers need to be more serious in their offers. The East Valley Team is taking a stand. When a buyer submits an offer on a short sale – it is hazardous to everyone’s health (financially speaking) if they do not intent to […]

We accepted banks short sale offer, now they want more money

East Valley Team member Dean Ouellette talks about how accepting the banks counter offer on a short sale is not the same having an accepted offer. The bank will counter back on short sales and you would think once you have accepted the deal you are done right? Wrong! More often than not the bank […]

East Valley real estate negotiations 2011

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how real estate negotiations in the East Valley have changed. Is it just me? It just doesn’t seem like it’s much fun any more to negotiate a real estate transaction. Short sale, REO’s and homeowners who have have watched all the equity drain from the homes have […]

HAFA changes unlikely to change anything with East Valley short sales

East Valley Team member Dean Ouellette talks about the new changes in HAFA and their real world effect. New changes were announced to HAFA this week. When he program was first announced I did a video that day saying why it would be failure. If you live in the Phoenix East Valley and have tried […]

Short sales and responsibility of buyers agent to be honest

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about the responsibility of buyers agent in a short sale. The buyer’s agent has a fiduciary responsibility to be honest to the buyer about the risks of buying a short sale while at the same time being honest to the seller and the seller’s agent. A short sale […]