Short sale advice: Dont argue with non-decision makers

One lesson I have learned from all of my short sale negotiations is don’t argue with a negotiator. A negotiator is not a final decision maker. They can not make any decisions without checking with upper management. When that negotiator tells you it cannot be done, or tells you this is the only way they do it, and you know that is not true because you did it last week on another file, stop arguing with them and look for a decision maker who can fix the problem.

Sure sometimes it may be fun to just argue a little and give them a few pokes, but as my partner Kristin always says, you catch more with honey.

When you are on the phone discussing your short sale file keep in mind they person you are talking to most likely does not have the authority to make the changes you want. Stop arguing with them about what their policies may or may not be and use your contacts to find someone who can help  you out.

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