Real world example of why dual agency should be illegal in every state

Dual agency is legal in Arizona, but not all states. I have long said dual agency should be illegal everywhere. I challenge anyone who supports the dual agency concept to tell me how they would have handled this. You represent buyer and seller on a short sale. Buyer clearly believes that the seller should be paying to have […]

If you were a defendant would you have the prosecuting attorney represent you too?

If you were a defendant in a court case, would you hire the prosecuting attorney to represent you? Of course not. So why would you do the equivalent in real estate. Dual agency is illegal in some states, and if it were up to me it would be illegal everywhere. How can one agent really represent and […]

Will I save money if I buy my East Valley Home from the listing agent

Can I save money by using the listing agent? Today Kristin LaVanway and Dean Ouellette of the East Valley Team talk about how using how using a buyers agent can save you money over buying from the listing agent.