Let’s respect Veterans and their VA benefits

Veterans deserve our thanks and respect

Veterans deserve our thanks and respect

Veterans have put their lives on the line to defend you and I and they deserve our respect. We would not be who we are today nor have the freedoms we have without them.

One of the ways we give veterans thanks for their service is the right to buy a house with a loan backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

I have been working with some veterans recently trying to get them into houses but have been amazed and stunned how many homes are listed as not accepting a VA loan.  Loans that would easily qualify under the guidelines set forth by the VA.

The problem? Common misconceptions on the process and requirements of a VA loan. Many agents cringe when they think of getting an offer from a veteran because they think the loan is going to cost the seller thousands of dollars, the appraisal will come in low, too many repairs will be needed and the process will take twice as long.

All of these are total misconceptions of a VA loan.  This is the first of a series of videos in which I will discuss the process, and try to dispel those false rumors.


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Kristin’s Phoenix Real Estate Update – December 2011

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the latest Phoenix real estate update, so here it is! As 2011 draws to a close, we are seeing some continuing signs of true recovery in the Phoenix real estate market despite the gloom and doom that some “media experts” continue to report. That being said, according to one Wall Street expert, we are not quite in recovery but in the stage just before. And a little holiday gift from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other major lenders for those homeowners with pending foreclosures.

Mesa short sale townhome listing – Cash flow cow

Looking for a condo that will cash flow like crazy, check out this Mesa short sale townhouse the East Valley Team has listed. This is an adorable two-story townhome. Updated with laminate flooring, decorator paint. Lots of storage including a large pantry in the kitchen. Shaded patio/courtyard. Perfect investment property with tenant willing to stay.

East Valley real estate negotiations 2011

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how real estate negotiations in the East Valley have changed.

Is it just me? It just doesn’t seem like it’s much fun any more to negotiate a real estate transaction. Short sale, REO’s and homeowners who have have watched all the equity drain from the homes have taken all the pleasure out of the process.