Want your deal to die quickly? Pick a bad lender.

Don't let your deal become a trainwreck

Your lender can make or break your deal Want your deal to die quickly? Pick a bad lender. Actually quickly is not really accurate. Pick the wrong lender and your deal will die a long, slow, painful death. Probably the most popular topic I seem to blog about is the importance of of picking a […]

Kristin’s Phoenix Real Estate Update – December 2011

Your Phoenix real estate update for Dec 2011…we are seeing continuing signs of true recovery, a different take on the stages of recovery, and a little grace from Fannie and Freddie

Tempe Gardens HOA causes short sale to become foreclosure

When you do a lot of short sales, every now and then you are going to run into a situation where a foreclosure happens and there is not much more you could have done to prevent that. Luckily that does not happen much, but when it does we like to tell about it here because […]

Mesa short sale townhome listing – Cash flow cow

Looking for a condo that will cash flow like crazy, check out this Mesa short sale townhouse the East Valley Team has listed. This is an adorable two-story townhome. Updated with laminate flooring, decorator paint. Lots of storage including a large pantry in the kitchen. Shaded patio/courtyard. Perfect investment property with tenant willing to stay. […]

Short sales agent need to manage chaos

East Valley Team member Dean Ouellette talks about how short sale agents are really just managing chaos. What a short sale is: Managed chaos. What seems like chaos to new short sale agents and outside observers is just part the normal day for short sale agents. You need to know its coming and have a […]

East Valley short sale basic training

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how East Valley short sale buyers need to be more serious in their offers. The East Valley Team is taking a stand. When a buyer submits an offer on a short sale – it is hazardous to everyone’s health (financially speaking) if they do not intent to […]

East Valley real estate negotiations 2011

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about how real estate negotiations in the East Valley have changed. Is it just me? It just doesn’t seem like it’s much fun any more to negotiate a real estate transaction. Short sale, REO’s and homeowners who have have watched all the equity drain from the homes have […]

Short sales and responsibility of buyers agent to be honest

East Valley Team member Kristin LaVanway talks about the responsibility of buyers agent in a short sale. The buyer’s agent has a fiduciary responsibility to be honest to the buyer about the risks of buying a short sale while at the same time being honest to the seller and the seller’s agent. A short sale […]

NationStar short sales: What you need to know

East Valley Team member Dean Ouellette talks about some changes you need to know about if your file was recently transfered to Nationstar. NationStar mortgage has recently taken over servicing a bunch of loans and they have also recently moved to Equator for short sale negotiations. If you had a file with another lender and […]

In a short sale don’t confuse a house with a home

East Valley Team member Dean Ouellette talks abouthow when you thinking of doing a short sale, do not let your emotions confuse a house and a home . On thing I hear often is “but its my home.” I can tell you I have talked to plenty of people over the last few years who […]